Overview for Natural Gasoline Sales

Natural gas utilities are innovative and reliable, providing customers with a variety of services, products and -- most important -- America's best energy value. Gas utilities serve more than 68 million residential customers and more than 5 million commercial enterprises. Your local gas utility has an investment in and a commitment to your community. Many gas utilities have been serving their customers for more than a century.

Natural Gas Consumption by End Use

The choropleth map shows us the distribution of natural gas consumption distribution by US states from 1997 to 2012. From this map, we could see that California and Texas usually have the most gas consumption in the United States. Less consumption in the North west region.

Hover over the clock and choose the year you want to see, the map will show you natural gas consumption distribution. Click on the "Streets" button, the map will show streets layer for you. Default layer will be in grayscale. Click on the states, the map will zoom in to see map clearer.