Overview for Motor Gasoline Sales

Since 2013, the share of premium gasoline in total motor gasoline sales has steadily increased to 11.3% in August and September 2015, the highest share in more than a decade(as you can select on timeline of graph below). Although lower gasoline prices may be supporting demand for premium gasoline, the upward trend in sales is more likely driven by changes in fuel requirements for light-duty vehicles (LDV) in response to increasing fuel economy standards, which will have widespread implications for future gasoline markets. Overall, motor gasoline sales increased over 1985 to 2015.

Prime Supplier Sales Volumes of Motor Gasoline

Graph above compares prime supplier sales volumes of motor gasoline from 1985 to 2015. You will see the sales amount on left side of bar on right side of screen. Click on states that you want to compare, drag on the bottom of the graph to select years will show you information of certain period the time.

Detail Table

Data in this table shows more detail of the comsumption over the years. Click on next page for more data in recent years.