Overview for Renewable Energy

Renewable energy resource development will result in new jobs for people and less oil we have to buy from foreign countries. According to the federal government, America spent $109 billion to import oil in 2000. If we fully develop self-renewing resources, we will keep the money at home to help the economy. We use two graph as below to show sustainable energy usage compare with primary energy consumption nowadays. And second graph showing each sector of energy composition to industry use.

Total Renewable/Primary Energy Consumption Comparison

Show complete trajectory

Slide the bar to see interactive result of comparation of primary energy and renewable energy consumption over the years.As you can see, renewable energy still take small amount of chunk compare with total consumption. But along with technology development in the future, sustainable energy will be much higher than now.

Put your mouse on a category name to see different consumption by the four sectors. Patroleum is obviously the biggest contribution nowadays. But again, along with technology changes, renewable energy will be much more important in the future.

And below is the dashboard detail baesd on that